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Saturday, May 14, 2011

UPSEE Mahamaya Technical University State Entrance Examination

State Entrance Examination (UPSEE)
Conducted by
C-22, Sector-62, Noida- 201301, G.B. Nagar (U.P.)
Phone: 0120-2400416, 2472778, Fax: 0120-2400418

Last date: 15-May-2011 (to be reach at university)

Proforma for Applying for Document Verification Centre / Choice Locking Centre of UPSEE

Guidelines and essential requirements :
1. Institution applying for becoming document Verification centre / choice locking centre of UPSEEE-2011 should meet the following minimum requirements.

a) Internet connectivity from at least two internet service providers (preferably three) with minimum 2 MB bandwidth each and aggregating to 10 MBPS.

b) Minimum 50 computers with UPS and total power backup. The systems should be connected on LAN for internet access through a switch. The systems should have biometric device for thumb scanning.

c) Load balancing router for aggregating the internet bandwidth to be shared by all computers on network and having 3 ISP inputs to provide no single point of failure for internet linking.

d) 5 additional computers connected on LAN with UPS, printer and computer operator for fee deposition
e) All computers should be virus protected and should have a firewall and proper license software and attending antivirus software installed on them.

f) All computers should preferably have Windows XP or above Operating System.
g)Minimum 50 faculty members of Assistant Prof./Associate Prof. level one each for every computer with digital signature to certify the verification of documents and locking of choices.

2. There shall be one person of minimum Professor level who will be directly responsible for ensuring all 
operational aspects and personally look after the centre to ensure fail proof services at the centre. He/she shall further have two assistants of minimum Associate Professor level to support him/her in centre activities.

3. The room to be used for Document Verification / Choice Locking must have easy and independent access with proper seating arrangement.

4. The centre will have to provide basic amenities to the parents/guardians of the candidates like waiting hall 
and drinking water and toilets etc.

5. The Institute shall provide Public address system for informing and instructing the candidates in various 
aspects of Document verification / Choice locking.

6. The Institute shall have CCTV camera installed in the Computer Room to record the complete proceedings of 
the document verification and choice locking process. The no of cameras must ensure that the details of all students are recorded and kept as a proof of Institute activity.

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