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Thursday, April 28, 2011

IIIT Allahabad MBA-IT Syllabus for Entrance Exam Sample Questions

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad
Deoghat Jhalwa, 
Allahabad – 211012 (U.P.) 

IIIT Allahabad

Admission Notice for MBA-IT Programe: 2011 – 2012

MBA-IT Admission 2011

Syllabus for Entrance examination for MBA-IT

Technical & IT Aptitude:
Designed to measure aptitude for working with computers, this measures individual’s natural aptitude for
computers and problem solving. It will measure ability in the following five areas: Recognition of similarities
and differences, Syntax, Procedural Ability, Programming construct & Sequencing.

Designed to check the logical capabilities of the individual by usage of the following, Abduction reasoning;
Analogical reasoning; Cause-and-effect reasoning; Cause-to-effects reasoning; Effects-to-cause reasoning;
Comparative reasoning; Conditional reasoning; Criteria reasoning; Decompositional reasoning; Deductive
reasoning; Inductive reasoning

Mathematical Aptitude:
Deal with questions involving arithmetic and algebraic problems the problems will test the sharpness of your
mind and insight

A consideration of weights to section viz contribution of marks to the total merit as:

Sample Questions
1. The octal equivalent of decimal 324.987 is
(a) 504.771 (b) 504.781 (c) 215.234 (d) 40.987

2. The field size of a city is determined by
(a) The shortest city name that will be entered.
(b) The longest city name in United States.
(c) The longest city name that will be entered in the database.
(d) Ten characters more than the longest city name that will be entered in the database.

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The Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad was established in 1999, as a center of excellence in information technology and micro electronics by the government of India. The institute was conferred "Deemed University" status in 2000, empowering it to award degrees following the setting of its own examinations.
The institute held the largest gathering of Nobel prize winners in India in December 2008. This meet was the first of its kind in India to promote the growth of basic science. The conclave was held on the lines of Lindau summit which is held in Germany every year.

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