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Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to prepare for Management Aptitude Test (MAT)?

How to prepare for Management Aptitude Test (MAT)?

Entering the Management studies of higher education or the B-schools is quite difficult. MAT – Management Aptitude Test is one of the difficult and hardcore exams faced by the candidates in their lifetime. But once cleared he or she is sure to acquire management degree that help them to come out in flying colors. Lot more preparation is needed for one to go through this examination. MAT is conducted at every three months interval, which is totally four times a year. All India management association conducts this MAT examination.

It is good to evaluate the requirements for preparing the examination. Know about the subjects included in the test. And also know about the sections or the stages in the test. Then you may narrow your searching and preparing process. The MAT has three levels to complete the test, includes: Written test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Every person or student has his or her own learning methodologies that work well for them. But there are few things where every student should highlight on.

Subject areas to give importance include; Mathematical skills, Language and comprehension, reasoning, national and international environment, group discussion round and personal interview round. Mathematics learning that includes the basic concept learning and the important formulas, and also revising (maths-grade 6th to 10th). Language and comprehension learning is done by reading magazines, books, ensuring grammar at every level of preparation will do. Problem solving is another area focused through puzzle work and related cross words and so on. General knowledge of current national and international affairs and a bit of knowledge in other subjects will be added advantage. The candidate must also be sure that he takes much care when attending group and individual discussions, as he has to be more presentable and must be a active listener and a participant. Practicing the above mentioned areas shall help one to achieve success in MAT.

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